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Your systems work better when they work together. Craver integrates with several point of sale systems, delivery apps, and payment processors. 

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Our industry-leading integration with Square includes loyalty, e-gift cards, order status notifications, inventory, mobile payment and more. It's the richest integration available, making it a powerful tool to engage your customers.


Direct integration between your Craver mobile ordering app and online ordering site, and Toast POS means all mobile takeout and pick-up orders are sent directly to the POS.


All orders from your Craver mobile app and online ordering site are sent directly to your Clover POS. 

Process payments on your online ordering site and mobile ordering app with Bambora. 
Process payments on your online ordering site and mobile ordering app with Moneris. 
Process payments on your mobile ordering app and online ordering site through Stripe.
Use DoorDash to deliver orders placed through your own mobile ordering app and online ordering site. Have drivers pick up the food when it's ready to be delivered.
Use Relay to deliver orders placed through your own mobile ordering app and online ordering site.

Don’t use one of these POS systems? Don’t worry!

You can receive and manage your app orders on any tablet (iOS or Android). Just download the Craver for Restaurants app from the App Store or Google Play. You’ll receive a notification when a new order is received. Plus, you can use the app to offer your loyalty and rewards program for in-store purchases by scanning the customer’s unique QR Code. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do orders flow straight into my POS?
Yes, when a customer places an order through your app or web, that order displays directly in the POS, and can be sent to any printer set up with your POS.
Does my menu sync with the POS system?
Yes, however many customers choose to keep them separate - as they often use their POS to manage back-of-house operations, and their app and web are customer-facing - so they keep them clean.
Craver's powerful Admin Panel allows you to easily manage your menu.
If you do want a regular menu sync, we can do that too.
How do payments work?

Craver integrates with Square and Toast payment systems, and payment is taken as part of the checkout process when your customer places an order.

If you use a different payment provider, a payment gateway like Bambora will allow you to achieve the same end result. 

If my payment provider isn't listed as a direct integration, can we still have a Craver App and Web Ordering?

Yes, in most cases we can use a payment gateway, such as Bambora to integrate with your current payment provider.

Will you do custom integrations?
When we integrate with a new POS system, delivery service, or payment processor, our goal is to offer it to all of our customers.

We focus on making high-quality integrations with the best selected technology partners, and for that reason, do not do custom integrations.

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