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If you use a POS system that Craver is integrated with, you would not need any additional hardware. If not, you would need a tablet or smartphone to receive the orders from the app. For a list of POS providers that Craver has integration with, please check out our integrations page.

If you use a POS system that Craver is integrated with, you would receive the order on your POS hardware. If you use a POS that Craver is not integrated with, you would need a tablet or smartphone to receive the orders from the app.

Craver is integrated with several POS and payment processors and the list is growing. Check out a list of POS and payment processors that Craver is integrated with on our integration page.

You would need a tablet or smartphone to receive the orders on or you could use our Cloud printer solution.

For in-app payment processing, you’d have to sign up for payment gateway that Craver is integrated with.

We offer delivery services through third delivery party partners. Craver has integration with several food delivery companies. How this works is that your customers orders will be processed through your app and then would be sent to the food delivery company for delivery. This way you don’t have to pay a percentage of the order to the food delivery company. The delivery fee is fixed rate that you can decide to pass to your customer, cover yourself or split. Check out our integrations page to see which food delivery companies Craver is integrated with.

When your customers order through your own app, you don’t pay commission fees or lose customers to your competition. Your app can be a great marketing tool to promote your restaurant as well.

Depending on the terms of your agreements, there may be some setup fees. Please talk to one of our sales representatives to get an estimate.

No, there are no transaction fees. You only pay a flat monthly fee for your app.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time with a 60 days notice period. 

Yes. You can send unlimited push notifications for no additional costs. This is great tool to use for marketing.

The rewards and loyalty feature that Craver offers is very flexible can handle different models. We can design the app to work with your existing program or create a new one for you. We suggest that you design an easy-to-use system for your customers.

Craver is also integrated with Square Loyalty.

You will have access to an admin panel to update these and manage many other things in the app. 

There are many ways to promote your app. You can add posters or signs in your restaurant with a QR code that your customers can scan and get linked to your app. You can provide links to your app on your website and invite your customers to download your app when they are browsing from their mobile phones. You can offer points, discounts or free items to customers who download your app or refer others to download it.

Craver offers a sophisticated modifiers menu that can handle anything.

Yes, we offer web ordering as an add-on service. Check out the full list of our add-on services here.