4 Top Features for Restaurant Apps in 2023

Restaurants invest in apps for a better customer experience, increased sales, reduced labor, and increased customer loyalty. Big companies are taking advantage of them too: 30% of Starbucks’ sales are made through their app.

A customized app allows you to pick and choose which features you want to include, based on the needs of your restaurant. Here are some of the features that should be included in your restaurant app.


1. Integration with Your POS System

Many app features aren’t visible to your customers, but they are important. Integrating your app with your POS saves your staff time. A lot of time. Without it, your employees have to read orders off of the app’s back-end system, and manually re-enter them into your restaurant’s point-of-sale system. It’s a costly and inefficient process for your team, and it introduces an opportunity for mistakes.


2. Offers & Promotions

You will get the most traction with your app if you offer incentives for the customer to download and use your app. Think of this as a way to attain customers, and also a way to retain customers.

Online coupons or special discounts will encourage them to use our app more frequently. That means more orders and higher profit for your restaurant.


3. Push Notifications

There are many features that help increase your ability to connect with your customers, but the best one is push notifications. Push notifications are alerts that your customer receives from your app if they have it downloaded onto their phone. The notifications can range from seasonal discounts to any other news you want your customers to know.

Read more about push notifications in the article Why You Should Be Using Push Notifications For Your Restaurant App.


4. In-App Payments

When customers order ahead for pick-up or order online for delivery, it saves your team time. Give your customers the ability to view the menu, and order directly through the app. This shortens the lines are your ordering counter and reduces errors.

There are endless ways to customize an app for your restaurant. In order to create an app that is fully catered to your needs, it’s important to consider which features can be implemented and which will be useful.

With a monthly, flat-rate subscription fee, Craver allows you to invest in a cost-effective and customized app for your restaurant. Schedule a demo with us to determine the features that best fit your restaurant’s needs.

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