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Sips Coffee Customer Success Story


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Craver app and Fresh KDS kitchen display system

For Sips Coffee, the integration of their Craver app and Fresh KDS kitchen display system has transformed the drive-thru coffee shop’s operations and customer experience. The partnership has streamlined its entire online ordering process, from the moment a customer places an order to the final pickup. Sips Coffee’s manager, Nina Laughlin, attests to the critical role of this integration.

“Without the integration, it would be a mess, honestly.” - Nina.

Sips Coffee Shop

Smoother Operations 

Instead of old-fashioned methods like calling out orders or jotting them down on cups or paper, Sips Coffee now relies on the Fresh KDS for a seamless order process. With their Craver app and Square POS system linked to their Fresh KDS, the team can manage orders effortlessly, ensuring quick and accurate service.

Nina emphasizes how straightforward and user-friendly the new process is, which is vital for her team of high school and college students. She notes that while her staff are all very tech-savvy, they sometimes lack consistency in following through with new processes. However, teaching them to use the Craver and Fresh KDS integration and ensuring consistent usage was pretty simple. 

“There was hardly any learning curve. It was very easy.” - Nina.

Sips Coffee has also seen a boost in revenue thanks to the enhanced kitchen efficiencies brought about by the system integrations. 

“The integration has helped staff stay more organized, and our sales have gone up.” - Nina.

Restaurants with an app from Craver see 

sales growth of up to 40%.

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Orders on Autopilot 

In the fast-paced world of Sips Coffee, timing is everything, especially since their business revolves around pick-up and delivery orders exclusively. Thanks to the new efficiencies brought about by the integration, the team can now ensure more precise pickup and delivery times.

Craver’s intelligent ordering scheduling feature allows orders to be dispatched to Fresh KDS instantly or timed for closer delivery to the customer's chosen pickup or delivery slot. This ensures that orders reach Fresh KDS precisely when needed, keeping both the kitchen staff and customers satisfied, even during peak hours.

The order throttling feature in Craver gives Sips Coffee the ability to manage the influx of orders during busy periods. This has prevented staff from becoming overwhelmed, even when faced with a line of cars stretching down the street.

Craver orders are visually distinct from Fresh KDS in-person orders and each comes with its own unique notification sound. This makes it easy for staff to swiftly identify and organize orders, even amidst bustling activity. The team is better able to prioritize and prepare orders efficiently, reducing wait times for customers and ensuring that every drink is served just right!

Sending an order from KDS to app

Happy Customers 

With the Craver app, it's easy for customers to become regulars. Nina observes that while their app is constantly attracting new sign-ups, they also have a significant number of loyal app users who place orders consistently at the same time every day. 

“People are creatures of habit—they do it once and then it’s like clockwork” - Nina.

Customers of all ages love how easy and accessible it is to order ahead through their Craver-powered app.

“Customers have been raving about how easy it is. They love it. It’s super user-friendly for every age. I have one gentleman who's 75 and he just learned to use the app and he uses it three times a day.” - Nina.

Customers are kept in the loop throughout the process, with real-time order tracking and pickup notifications. Here’s how it works: Craver provides Fresh KDS with the customer's phone number along with the order. Then, once the order is ready, Fresh KDS sends a text message to the customer.

Staff find it simple to reach out to customers for any questions or support needed, further improving the overall experience. 

“I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about the whole thing. If we open a second location I would integrate this again.” - Nina.

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