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Mocha Nut Brings Their Customer Experience Online With Their Branded App


Mocha Nut app open on a phone in a person's hand

About Mocha Nut

Mocha Nut, in Indianapolis, is the kind of coffee shop you go to to meet up with friends for good conversation. They serve high-quality coffee and baked goods, and strive to build deep relationships with their guests.

“We’ve made it our mission to create a place where people can build relationships. We set the stage for people to come in and meet with one another. We emphasize that as much as we can by remembering everyone’s names and greeting people as they come in.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

The Challenge

The coffee shop opened in June 2019, and they were affected by the pandemic soon after. Only 6 months after opening, the world was shutting its doors. Owner Seth Weber chose to shut the coffee shop for a week to evaluate his options.

“When COVID started, we took some time and closed for a week to assess things. During that time we put a website together through Square. It took off, and people were ordering through that.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

Mocha Nut’s customers used the online ordering site to pre-order for pick-up, and it worked well. But, Seth wanted an even better customer experience for his customers; even if they couldn’t come into the coffee shop.

“I like to test everything we put out. It was inconvenient to go to a website, type in our company name and go through all that. I was looking for a way to offer an app so people could download it, open it and just have a smooth process for finding everything they want.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

The Solution

Mocha Nut evaluated a few solutions, and implemented an app from another provider but found the user experience clunky. Seth was looking for something that he could be proud to show his customers but also integrated with his existing point of sale system.

“We contacted Craver because they integrated with our Square POS, and they offered a rewards program in their apps. The team helped set us up, explained the big picture, and let us know where they were in the process of creating our app. Anytime I had a question, I got a response within a couple of hours, sometimes even minutes. They are great to work with.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

Now, the majority of Mocha Nut’s online orders come in through their Craver app. Their customers love the app, and it has 5-star ratings on both Google Play and the App Store.

“Our customers have always said that it’s really easy to use. It makes it a lot easier now that they can save their card information. They just pick out what they want, and add it to the card. I think all our customers would say that it's simple to use.

“It’s been really beneficial to them. They love it. It’s nice to be able to see how many points they have.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

His staff are happy with it too. When searching for an app provider for their coffee shop, Seth wanted to ensure orders coming in wouldn’t make extra work for his staff.

“One of the things we were wanting was POS integration. If we had to print through a different printer or have another tablet, we would rather not do it. It’s amazing that it prints through Square, and it’s as easy as doing any of our online orders. It’s perfect. The ticket prints out and we make it like we would anything else.”

- Seth Weber, Mocha Nut

Craver allowed Mocha Nut to continue offering an amazing customer experience, even when customers aren’t in the coffee shop.

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