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Hometown App

Hometown Coffee & Juice Customer Success Story


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Today, Craver App orders make up 32% of Hometown’s revenue.

Hometown’s Journey

Five years ago, Lou and his wife set out to make a difference in their local neighborhood. They transformed what was previously a quiet coffee shop, into their very own Hometown Juice & Coffee.

With Lou’s 30 years of experience in finance and his wife’s background in retail, they quickly turned Hometown into a local favorite. Today, it’s a bustling spot with three locations and a fourth on the way, proving to be a hit in the neighborhood.

Lou and Julie, Hometown founders

The Challenge

Committing to an app was a challenging decision for Lou. It was important to him to strike a balance between the convenience of technology and the vibrant customer experience Hometown offers. 

While he acknowledged the operational efficiency achieved by major chains through their "grab-and-go" models, he was adamant about sustaining the community feel and genuine interactions at Hometown.

With that, Hometown initiated its journey with another app provider. Lou quickly recognized the benefits an app could provide, such as facilitating faster and smoother transactions. 

However, the need for a richer set of features soon became apparent, as the platform he had chosen couldn’t keep up with his expansive vision. This prompted Lou to seek a more comprehensive solution. 


The Decision

Square played a pivotal role in this journey, pointing Lou towards Craver as one of their preferred integration platforms. 

Lou used Square’s marketplace to conduct thorough research and evaluate Craver alongside several other platforms, swiftly eliminating less suitable options.

Craver stood out right away, ticking 9 out of 10 boxes on Lou’s list of essential features. Almost every aspect of Craver’s offering was aligned with Hometown’s needs, making it a clear frontrunner.

The relationship was another important factor for Lou, who was seeking a partnership.  After talking with the Craver team and seeing their genuine commitment to creating a top-notch app experience, he felt reassured he had made the right choice.

“My relationship with Craver is excellent. I like that you guys are wanting to also grow and improve. We work well together.

- Lou

Hometown Interior

The Transition

Switching app providers was a concern for Hometown, as it meant asking their customers to download a brand-new app and change their habits. 

Their previous app had its quirks, so the Hometown team pitched the move as a major upgrade, emphasizing to customers the better user experience the new app would provide. 

“The layout of our previous app wasn't pretty like Craver’s and wasn’t as effective. People constantly got logged out and some foundational things were very frustrating for customers.” - Lou.

The switch worked wonders, transforming the customer experience into something really smooth and enjoyable.

“We sold it as an improvement and it has been. Now, the customer experience is very good.” - Lou.

Restaurants with an app from Craver see 

sales growth of up to 40%.

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Measurable Impact and Benefits

Craver’s platform has significantly elevated Hometown Coffee & Juice’s throughput.

1/3 of Hometown’s orders now flow through their Craver-powered mobile app. 

Advanced features such as order throttling and pick-up time management have proved essential in allowing the business to effectively manage high-velocity periods and maintain service quality.

The platform’s intelligent upselling feature has consistently increased average order values, directly contributing to Hometown’s bottom line.

Repeat customers spend up to 80% more per month when ordering through Craver.

Hometown's coffee and acai bowl

The transition to Craver has significantly improved Hometown’s customer loyalty, thanks to direct push notifications and discount code capabilities.

Repeat customers order 1.5x more frequently when ordering through Craver.

Craver has provided a more seamless integration with Square than Hometown’s previous app. While Square requires specific mapping of stations and categories to printers—which can lead to complications—Craver delivered a workaround that simplified this process, making the internal complexities invisible to customers.

40% of customers who order through Craver place more than one order per month. 

Craver’s commitment to visual appeal and brand alignment has markedly enhanced the customer experience, which is underpinned by its 4.8-star rating in the App Store. Check out Hometown's app here

“We definitely want to include this partnership as we grow. It's important.”

- Lou

Increase average order value by up to 20%

with an app from Craver.

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