Square Inventory Sync with Craver Platform

Square Inventory Sync is one of the features of Craver Premium Tier. For more information about pricing or to upgrade to Craver Premium, please contact Craver Sales.

Square Inventory Sync

Using the Square Inventory Sync, your product inventory on the Craver platform will stay in sync in real-time with your inventory in your Square POS. Product inventory will be depleted automatically as they are purchased in person, online or via your app and your products will be marked “Out of Stock” automatically as soon as your inventory reaches 0.

How does it work?

Using Square Inventory Sync with Craver Platform, the Square Platform will send an update to Craver each time a product is purchased or when you adjust your inventory in Square. Craver platform will recognize these messages and update your product inventory on your app automatically. 

This feature is only available if your products in Craver are connected to your Square products and if your orders are sent to Square with their Square IDs. If your products in Craver are not connected to your products in Square Platform, please make sure they are connected by following the steps described here: CONNECTING SQUARE ITEMS TO APP PRODUCTS

It’s also important to note that these update messages are only sent to Craver if you are tracking inventory in Square Platform. If you disable inventory tracking in your Square Platform, Square will not notify Craver of any changes in your inventory (including the fact that you have disabled the inventory tracking) and your inventory status for that product will remain as it was before you disabled your inventory tracking.

If you enable inventory tracking on your Square, the first message to Craver will be sent when you change something in your inventory (e.g. update the inventory count). From that point forward, your inventory will be in sync between your Square and your Craver platforms.

Enabling Square Inventory Sync

If you are subscribed to Craver Premium tier, you can enable Square Inventory Sync during your onboarding or anytime after by contacting your onboarding specialist or Craver Support Team.

Please note that this feature tracks inventory changes after the feature is enabled and only for products you are tracking inventory for in Square Platform. You might need a one-time Square Inventory Sync to make sure your inventory status in the Craver platform is up to date with your inventory status in Craver App.

Requesting One-time Square Inventory Sync

To request one-time Square Inventory Sync, please contact Craver Support Team. Please note that the one-time Inventory Sync will only update the inventory on Craver Platform to match your inventory on Square Platform. To track your inventory from Square Platform, you need to have the Square Inventory Sync feature enabled on Craver Platform.