How to Connect Square Items to App Products

This video demonstrates how to use Square Export Library and Craver Admin panel to connect app products to Square items.

In order for the products that you have in your app menu to be associated with the items in your Square, you’ll need to ensure that all product items in the app have an Integration UID. You can check this out by going to the menu tab in the Craver Admin Panel, clicking ⋮ beside a product and selecting edit. Under items, click the ↕ icon to see the field for “Integration UID”. If this field is empty, you’ll need to find this ID in your Square items library and add it in this field. 

You can access your Square items library by logging into your Square account on and going to the Items section. Click the Actions button on the top right corner of the page and select Export Library. You can download the file in Excel or CSV format. When you open the file, you can see the list of all your items along with a unique Token for each of them. This token is what needs to be added to the integration UID field in the Craver Admin Panel in order to connect the Square item and the app product item. 

Important Notes

  • Each product variation has a unique ID. For example, your small coffee will have a different ID than your large coffee and if the IDs are matched incorrectly, the item ordered from the app will not match the item appearing in the order on your Square POS.
  • Items with missing integration UIDs can still be ordered from the app and you’ll receive them on your Square POS. However, since they are not associated with an item in your Square, they’ll show up as uncategorized. This may not be ideal for printer/kitchen display system routing and reporting purposes. 
  • When we import your menu from Square, all products are imported with their integration UIDs so you don’t need to add them in the Craver admin panel. It is only when you create a new item in the admin panel that you’d have to add this integration UID. 
  • Modifier Groups (Customizations) and Modifiers (Customization Options) do not need integration UID if they are created manually on Craver Admin Panel. This will not impact the way you receive your orders in Square POS.