Sending/Scheduling Push Notifications to Users From the Admin Panel

Push notifications are a great promotional tool that you can use to send messages to your app users to promote any discounts, new products, events, etc. Check out our blog post about push notification here.

To send a push notification, go to the Users tab in the admin panel. Select the users that you’d like to send the notification to. You can select all users by checking the box beside name. Then click on the “Send Push Notification” button on the right side. Type a title and message in the fields and confirm to send the notification to the x number of users. You’ll receive a message that your notification has been successfully sent to x number of users. 

The message may fail to be sent to a number of users and that’s because some users may choose not to allow push notifications from your app on their phones. The users will be asked to allow this feature the first time they install the app but they can always update their preferences in the settings section of their phones later on. 

Scheduling Push Notifications

You can also schedule push notifications to be sent at a specific time in the future. This is useful when you want to promote a time-sensitive event or offer. To schedule a push notification, go to the Users tab in the admin panel and select the users you want to send the notification to. Check the box beside their names or select all users. On the right side, click on the "Schedule Push Notification" button. Enter a title and message for the notification, and choose the date and time you want it to be sent. Confirm the scheduling and you'll receive a notification that it has been successfully scheduled. Please note that the notification will only be sent to users who have allowed push notifications on their phones.