Receiving Orders on Square POS

This video shows you how orders show up on your Square POS when they are received from your mobile or web application. 

In order to receive a notification when a new order is received, you need to enable “Alerts” in your Square settings. To enable Alerts go to setting in your Square app. Select Alerts under Orders and enable it. Make sure that Frequency is set on Immediately so you can receive the New Order Alert as soon as the order is received. 


Note: Alerts will not appear when you are viewing Order Manager or when you are checking out a customer. Ensure that the device does not sleep to get order alerts. You can set this in your device’s settings. Finally, the device setting Background App Refresh needs to be turned on in order for in-app alerts to appear.

If you have a printer connected to your Square, you can have your orders print automatically when they are received from the app as well. Please check out our post on Square Printer Settings for more information.