Printer Settings for Square POS

This video demonstrates the required printer setting in your Square POS (the free version of Square) so orders received from your mobile or web application are printed and/or sent to your Kitchen Display Systems automatically.

If you have a printer connected to your Square POS, you can set it up so that it prints the orders that are received from your mobile or web application automatically. 

In order to set app orders to be printed automatically, you need to go to Settings in your Square and select Printers. Select the printer that you’d like to print your app orders and make sure that “Online Order Tickets” is turned on. You also need to make sure that “Automatically Print New Orders” is turned on as well and that all categories including uncategorized are selected. 

If you have multiple printer stations set up in your restaurant and would like orders with specific items to be routed to specific printer stations, you can select the categories that should be printed on each printer station. We suggest that you enable “uncategorized” products to be printed at one of the printer stations at least to ensure that no orders are missed. 

You can re-print order tickets by going into the order that you’d like to print and tapping the “Print” button.