How to Setup Your SpeedLine POS for Craver Integration

In order to receive app orders on your SpeedLine POS, you need to set up access for Craver for each one of your locations with SpeedLine POS. 

Here are the steps you need to take to create that access for Craver: 

SpeedLine Store Manager Settings

In order to enable access for Craver, you will need to make adjustments in your Store Manager. The first step is to create a SpeedLine Connect connection for Craver. You can do that by going to the Settings section and then SpeedLine Connect.

In there you can add a new connection using the + in the SpeedLine Connect Sources. 

Once you created the new source, you can fill in the information for Craver connection including setting Name, setting your incoming ticket printing behaviour, etc (as seen in the image below). 

When the connection information is added, the next step is to create Connection certificates. For this step, you would go to the Connections sub-section, and Generate a local Source Certificate. 

Once the local Source Certificate is generated, you can Export External Source Certificate by clicking on the Export button, and setting a password for the Certificate. This password needs to be passed to Craver to be used when sending orders to SpeedLine. 

This process will generate a Certificate file in your SpeedLine Data directory. You will need to send this certificate along with the Password to Craver to set up your integration.

Another important element here is the Port number. We will use that in the next part of the setup. 

Setting Up Craver Connection to SpeedLine

The next part of the setup will take care of the connection line from Craver to SpeedLine. In order for Craver to be able to send orders to SpeedLine, we need to know the dedicated IP address for each location. If you don’t have a dedicated IP address, there are other alternatives such as No-IP by Net Gear available. 

To find out your IP address, you can go to this website:

In addition to an IP address, Craver needs to know the port you have set up in the previous step to be able to connect with SpeedLine. 

Please send your IP address and Port number to Craver to set up your SpeedLine Connections.

Firewalls and Port Forwarding

The connection between Craver and SpeedLine is sometimes impacted by Firewalls and by Port Forwarding issues. Here are what you need to do to avoid these issues:

For Firewalls, make sure all your Firewalls (local and router level) allow for connection from the specific port you have created for Craver’s Connection. 

For Port-Forwarding, on your Router, you can program the request to specific ports to be sent to specific addresses in your local network. Please make sure that is set up and the request to the port you set for Craver are sent to the computer with SpeedLine Connect setup.