How to Set Up Your Reward Tiers

This video shows you how to create your rewards tiers in the admin panel so that your customers can redeem their points for free items or dollar discounts. 

We will take care of doing the initial setup of your loyalty rewards program in the app but you are able to create your own rewards tiers in the app using the admin panel. 

You can offer your customers points based on the dollar amount of their orders or per order. For example, you can offer 1 point for every $1 spent or 1 point for every order. The default setup in the app is 1 point for every $1 unless you ask us to change that for you. 

Your customers will be able to redeem their points for either free items from the menu or dollar discounts. In order for customers to be able to redeem their points, you’d need to create rewards tiers in the app. 

To create your rewards tiers, go to the rewards tab in the admin panel and click the “Add New Tier” button. Enter the points for the rewards tier, give it a name and add a description so that your customers know what they can get in exchange for their points. You can also add an image for your rewards tier.

Under Rewards Type, you can select Item or Dollar.

1. When you select Dollar, you’d have to enter the dollar amount in the box next to it. Click “Apply Changes” after you are done and proceed with creating all your rewards tiers. 

2. If you choose to offer free Items with points, you’d need to assign the items that you’d like to offer for free with points to the rewards tiers that you have created. To do this, you can select items under the “Attached Items” field when you are creating or editing a rewards tier. You can search for products by their name or category name or you can just click the dropdown and select products. 

* If you are using Square Loyalty and would like to use the same loyalty program in the app, we can integrate the rewards in the app with your Square Loyalty system. Your customers’ points in the app will be synced with the Square Loyalty account that they have previously set up with you and their points balance will be updated in your Square Loyalty system every time that they place an order or redeem their points in the app.