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How to Set Up Delivery Zones & Fees

In order for the delivery feature to work in your app, you need to set up your delivery zones.

Delivery zones are areas in map that you will be delivering to. First, you need create a .klm file for your delivery zone and then upload them into app using the admin panel.

There are different tools that you can use to create .kml files for your delivery zones. We go over two of them in the following videos.

Creating Delivery Zones Using Google Maps

You can access this tool here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/

Creating Circular Delivery Zones Using KML Circle Generator 

This tool helps you create a circular zone with a specific radius

You can access this tool here: KML Circle Generator

Uploading .kml Files into Your App 

After you create your .kml file, you can upload that into the app.

Go to the locations tab in the admin panel. Click on the ⋮ icon beside the location and select ‘Upload .kml for Delivery Zone’. Click OK on the messages that shows up.

Then click on the ⋮ icon beside the location again and select ‘Delivery Zones’. You should the zones that you have created show up now. 

Adding Delivery Fees and Minimums

Click the ⋮ icon beside a delivery zone and select edit. 

You can re-name the zone if you wish. 

Add a fee, minimum order and below minimum fee if applicable. For example, if you want to charge $5 for delivery and offer free delivery for orders above $30, you set it up like this:

Fee: 0, Minimum Orders: 30, Below Minimum Fee: 5

Do not change the Coordinates as they have been uploaded through the .kml file and changing them will cause issues with the maps. 



* If you have multiple locations in the app, you need to create a separate .kml file for each location.

* You can add as many delivery zones for a location as you wish and add different fees and minimums to each. However, you need to make sure that the delivery zones are uploaded from smallest to largest. 

* If you also offer catering in your app separately from delivery, you need to set up your catering zones and fees separately.