How to Organize Categories & Products in Your App

This video shows you how to change the position of your categories and products so that they appear in the app in the desired order.

Organizing Categories

Click the ⋮ beside the category that you want to be the first one to appear in the app and select edit. Enter number 1 in the position ordering field. 

Edit each category in the app the same way and assign a unique number to each category so that they can be sorted based on that number.

Organizing Products

You can also organize the products in each category. Click ⋮ icon beside a product and select edit. Click “Advanced Options” under the product image. Type a number in the position ordering field. 

Continue doing this until all products in the category have a unique number assigned to them under position ordering.


* The position ordering feature only works when all categories or all products within a category have unique numbers assigned to them. If two or more categories or products have the same position ordering number or there are categories or products that don’t have numbers assigned to them, the app cannot sort them properly.