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How to Find Your Craver App on the App Store & Google Play

Your app won’t be available on the App Store or Google Play publicly before we get your approval to launch your app. You’ll have access to install the app on an iOS or Android device as a test before the app is made public. We will send you links to install and test the app on your phone. At this stage, everything on the app is live such as ordering and payments so you’ll be able to test the whole process and make sure everything works smoothly.

When you are ready to launch your app, we’ll ask for some information to update your store listing on the App Store and Google Play and then we’ll submit your app for review. The App Store and Google Play will approve most apps within 2-3 days but in some cases, it might take longer. 

When your app is released in both stores, you should be able to search the app by name and find it. We will provide you with a landing page and a QR code with links to download the app which you can share with your customers so they can download your app easily.