How to Create New Modifiers & Attach Them to Products

In this video we go over creating new customizations (modifiers) and attaching them to products.

Start by searching through the existing customizations to see if what you are looking for is already there so you don’t end up with duplicates. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can create a new one. 

Create a New Modifier

Click on the “add new modifier” button. Add a name for your customization. If you want the name that appears in the app to be different, you can add a title as well. Otherwise, you can leave it blank. 

You can add numbers to minimum and maximum selectable options if you’d like to force or limit how many options are selected by the users. 

You can also select if the customization is mandatory (required) or optional.  

Add Options to the Modifier

Now that the new customization is created, you need to add some options to it. 

Click on the ⋮ icon beside the customization and select “options”.

Click the “Add New Option” Button. 

Enter a name and a price add-on for the option if applicable. 

Do this for every option separately until all options have been added.

Add the Modifier to Products

Find the product that you are looking for in the full menu view under products. Click the ⋮ beside the product and select edit. 

Scroll down and under items click on the ↕ icon beside the item. Now you should be seeing the customizations (if any) that are attached to this item. 

Click on “add customization” and select all the customizations that apply then click add. 

Make sure that you do this for all the item variations listed in the product if applicable.