How to Create Coupons & Add Restrictions

This video explains how to create coupons to be used for discounts in your app. It also explains the different restrictions available to you in the admin panel that you can add to your coupons.

Creating a Coupon

Go to the coupons tab in the admin panel and click the “Add New Coupon” button. 

Your coupon needs to have a code and title. You can add a description (optional) as well.

Under Exclusive, when you select ‘yes’, the coupon cannot be combined with other coupons in the same order. If ‘no’ is selected, this restriction does not apply.

Under Auto Apply, if ‘yes’ is selected, the discount will automatically apply at checkout but if ‘no’ is selected, the users needs to enter the coupon code in the checkout page for the discount to apply. Make sure to share the coupon code with your customers if you go with this option.

Select an Action Type of Dollar or Percent and enter an Action Value next to it. For example, for a 10% off coupon, Action Type needs to be Percent and Action Value needs to be 10.

Adding Restrictions

When you create a coupon, you may want to add some restrictions to it to limit the instances that the discount can be used. For example, you can limit the dates that coupon can be used or limit the number of times a user can use the coupon. 

To add restrictions to a coupon, click the ⋮ icon beside the coupon and select ‘Restrictions’. Then click the “Add New Restriction” button and select the restriction you want to add under Type and add a select or add a value if applicable. 

You can add as many restrictions as you want to a coupon. The video explains what each restriction is for.