How to Add Loyalty Points to Customers' Accounts in Square POS When They Order In-Person

This video demonstrates how to associate a customer with an order when creating an order in your Square POS so that the customer can be awarded Craver loyalty points. 

This does not apply to you if you are using Square Loyalty as points are awarded to customers automatically in store and in the app. It only applies in the case that you have set up Craver loyalty program in the app only and you’d like to award points to customers when they place orders in-person. This requires that the customer create an account in your app prior to their visit. When a user creates an account in your app, the customer automatically gets added to your list of customers in your Square POS. Therefore, when they place orders in-person, you’ll be able to search for them by name or phone number in your Square POS and add them to an order so they get the points associated with that order. Redeeming loyalty points however in this case is only possible in the app.