Deleting vs. Disabling Products or Categories


This video shows you how to delete and disable products and categories in your app menu. 

Deleting Products and Categories

Deleting a product or category will remove them from the app and the admin panel. Please be aware that once you delete a product or category, you won’t be able to undo this action. 

You can click the ⋮ icon next to any product or category and select delete. 

Disabling Product and Categories

If you’d like to temporarily hide any products or categories from the app, you can use the disable feature. This feature can be used for seasonal products or anything else that you don’t want to offer in your app at the moment but might want to offer it in the future. 

To disable a product or category, click the ⋮ icon next to it and select edit. There’s a disable option that you can turn on or off for both products and categories in the edit mode. 

Please note that when you disable a category, all the product within that category will also be hidden in the app. You would have to assign those products to different categories if you’d like to offer them through the app.