Admin Panel Updates November 2022

A quick view of the new Items Page and Modifier Options Page and how you can use them.


Items Page

There’s now a full page dedicated to all your menu items. We’ve made it easier to navigate and see all the important information about your menu items at a glance. You’ll be able to see the photos and price of each item on this page. The items are separated by their categories.

We’ve also added two new filters:

  • Categories
  • Available Location

The Modifier Options Page

Modifier Option has its own page now! All your Modifier Options will now appear on this page regardless of the Modifier Group they are attached to. You’ll be able to see which Modifier Groups each Modifier Option is attached to on this new page.

You can now attach a Modifier Option to multiple Modifier Groups. This makes it easier to manage your Modifier Options. For example, when marking them as out of stock or in stock, you won't need to apply these changes in multiple places.

We have also added "Bulk Actions" to this page which allows you to change the status of multiple Modifier Options to out of stock and in stock at once. 

Our new release also features a new design for add/edit Modifier Group and add/edit Modifier Option to provide a better user experience.